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Attractive of the movement and the reaction

Paintings of A.hamid Aouladhaddou transforms this site, in a cosmic architecture of glance. Some thing irradiates the painting is not any more one thing but a process of expansion and conjunction of spaces

begins the fascinating dreams, with a simple movement detail the influences, the reactions the experiences. In a time interval, the colors connect with Public and excite but intim of their being. They invade strange feelings to him - understand or not understand when it exerts the act very instinctively to contemplate the things. A language of pictures of deep meanings. It deciphers the sincere experiences gradually but. as the infinite dreams in ample spaces begin, where the nature conserves its purity and the visions are sincere, the vacuums marks without secrets, in spite of its silence and disorder, the colors, explode. The movement and the reaction are two attractive beautiful ones that emanate of one energy creative that reacts, moves and action. Alli the colors and the Brush are tamed, to create perfect picture

MoHAMED AACHBOUN : poet and writer